Jason Lazarus

Light & Shadow, Reproductive Processes, Series & Sequence, Text

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Jason Lazarus, from the series Heinecken Studies, 2010

These photograms were made with a portion of the cremated remains of Robert Heinecken, with the permission of the Heinecken Estate.



Jason Lazarus, from the series ORion over baghdad, 2009

Orion over Baghdad is a dimensions-variable installation of thousands of titles of images taken by US soldiers of their tour of duty in Iraq (as posted to Flickr).  The snapshot titles found in soldier Flickr photo accounts are navigated one-at-a-time, and the text found in the "title" field is manually copied, as entered by each soldier, into a growing archive. The archive is presented in two ways. The first features large vertical silver-gelatin photograms (50x84") that present an uninterrupted field of thousands of titles. Each of these large photographs are float mounted, as photographic document-objects in 56x90" vertical frames. The second method is a selection of individual titles from the collection each printed as their own unique photogram, 16x20" each. This project represents a continued interest in the practice of 'snapshot writing" and the potential of titled snapshots as a visual language unto itself.



Jason Lazarus, from the series nirvana, 2007