Niv Rozenberg

Landscape, Vision

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Interview with Photographer Niv Rozenberg, America-israel cultural foundation, June 4, 2012


The work Automonuments focuses on high-rise buildings, specifically skyscrapers, as a phenomenon of modern life. In this work I use photography to isolate visual perspectives of these buildings, recording them while fragmenting the habitual sight of the city in order to construct a new vision, a de-naturalized view of my surroundings. This exaggerated vision allows me to break the visual and spatial congestion of the city and to point upward, at what may have been overlooked. Through this work I am able to transform our visual experience of the city into a hyper-realistic encounter with these symbols of contemporary life. Digital manipulation of buildings allows me to create an archetypal form, isolated from function and separated from the city’s total urban structure. Duplicating and stitching one level of a building to another emphasizes the tension between form and function as well as between the individual and the global. By doing so, the work shows the uniformity of the architectural structure and implies that of the inhabitants within. This work does not document reality but reconstructs it, creating a view that cannot be seen, an intensification of reality.