Photo Tutorials

The descriptions, images and videos in PHOTO TUTORIALS describe photographic tools, materials and processes. They extend and expand upon techniques discussed in the Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice book by offering such information as (VISION) ways to see inside the human eye, manual and estimation lens focusing, (LIGHT & SHADOW) considerations when projecting images, ways to build inexpensive reflectors and diffusers, (REPRODUCTIVE PROCESSES) image transfer and rubbing techniques, tips for darkroom color printing, (EDITING) tips for color correcting and special processes, and (PRESENTATION) how-to's on making a pamphlet-stitch book, creating a print portfolio, and several methods of matting, mounting, and framing prints.

Video tutorials in LIGHT & SHADOW walk you through the process of creating simple diffusers, reflectors, and colored gels, and setting up an affordable lighting studio. Visit REPRODUCTIVE PROCESSES for tutorials on creating image transfers with wintergreen oil or inkjet printers.


Basic Approaches: Looking, Lighting, and Photographic Media

The following video looks at (1) basic acts of looking, (2) the cultural and psychological significance of light and shadow, and (3) diverse ways that artists have interpreted and used photographic media.