William Lamson

Editing, Light & Shadow, Presentation


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William Lamson at Pierogi Gallery


William Lamson, Video: A Line Describing the Sun (Excerpt)


Honor Fraser, “William Lamson”, Frieze Magazine, May 2011



William Lamson, video stills from A Line Describing the Sun

13:35 minute, 2 Channel Video, 2010

A Line Describing the Sun involved a day long performance in which I followed the path of the sun with a large Fresnel lens mounted on a rolling apparatus. The lens focuses the sun into a 1,600-degree point of light that melts the dry mud, transforming it into a black glassy substance. Over the course of a day, as the sun moves across the sky, a hemispherical arc is imprinted into the lakebed floor.






William Lamson, time is like the east river, 2009



William Lamson, emerge, 2007