Whitney Warne


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Whitney Warne, Frigid.Tease.Prude, 2011, on Vimeo


Whitney Warne, 25 Chicken Wings in 12 Minutes, 2011, on Vimeo


Whitney Warne, Finger Trap, 2010, on Vimeo




The external body is a place to perform a version of ourselves, rather than be ourselves. To perform is to strike a balance between the self and the rules, between individual action and gesture and the script––between what you know and what other people tell you to know. Puffery explores the culturally constructed performance and expected behaviors of the modern female. I have created video and photography documented durational performances that question a female’s relationship with exterior presentation. Viewers watch as she exposes her façade­­––examining it and breaking it down in an effort to negotiate self, power, and control. 


Whitney Warne
, from the series Self Control


Whitney Warne, from the series Self Control