Freja Mitchell

Portraiture, Reproductive Processes, Street Photography, Vision

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Freja Mitchell, from the series Intersection

Intersection is an installation of four eighteen feet long digital prints that comprise nearly two hundred images of people in their cars waiting for the traffic light to turn. To make the work, I stand on the traffic median during rush hour, pointing my camera into people's cars without their permission. Within the safety of their cars, people believe themselves to be in private compartments, when they are in a public space ... (from the artist's website)

Freja Mitchell, Intersection, 2011. Four archival inkjet prints, each 3.5 x 18 feet.


Freja Mitchell, Intersection, 2011. Installation photograph.


Freja Mitchell, detail of Intersection, 2011.


Freja Mitchell, from the series strangers staring

I asked strangers to look each other in the eye and to hold the gaze for as long as thirty minutes while I photographed them and their surrounding environment. The process showed me a range of ways that people protect themselves through body language and facial expressions.... (from the artist's website) 

Freja Mitchell, Strangers Staring, 4th Avenue and 9th Street, 2009. Archival inkjet print, 12" x 26".


Freja Mitchell, Strangers Staring, Smith's Grocery, 2010. Archival inkjet print, 13" x 26".