Jin Lee

Landscape, Portraiture, Series & Sequence

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Jin Lee, floating world exhibition

Floating World centers on forming a deeper relationship to a place where I live through close examination of its landscapes, both man-made and natural. Taking its title from the17th century Japanese Buddhist term for the ephemeral pleasures of the world, as well as the geological condition of the earth as a dynamic moving body, the project includes photographs of materials and conditions that are in constant state of transformation. This project includes the series Prairie and Lake Effect.


Jin Lee, from prairie  

Prairie is a photographic study of prairie plants in different stages of their seasonal cycles, documenting the rich diversity of Illinois’s native plants. Described as North America’s characteristic landscape, a prairie landscape has been likened to the ocean in its immensity, multiplicity, endless variety, and contemplative moods. Concurrently I started a series of photographs of the wind, fascinated by the wind’s power and the way it moves and animates the natural world. Both series explore the particularities of a specific place, from its native plants, weather conditions, to seasonal patterns.





Jin Lee, from lake effect

Made in areas around Lake Michigan, Lake Effect  series examines various effects of the presence of a large body of water, from gray clouds that cover the sky in winter, to piles of salt gathered to combat lake effect snow. Whereas the Prairie series centered on seasonal time, the photographs of primordial waves and transitory mountains extend the grasp of time to reference slow and continuous formations of the land over an immense quantity of time. The work is also a study of fleeting transient beauty, of the ever-changing light, atmosphere and textures of the water, sky and the land, which exist in a state of perpetual becoming.