James Gallagher

Editing, Portraiture, Reproductive Processes

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I believe in the secret behavior of human beings. Capturing a fleeting moment or revealing a hidden world is what I strive to do. And if I’m successful, I am able to glimpse some of the beauty, ugliness, solitude, and desire that exists in us all.

My collaged pieces focus on personal space, physical relationships, and enigmatic situations. The human forms that I create have obscured identities, allowing for their actions to convey the drama. I construct my scenes by sifting-through, and piecing-together imagery cut from obscure books and magazines. In a constant state of layering paper, moving shapes, adding and subtracting colors, I am waiting for figures to form, and something exciting to happen. And when it does, when I have spotted that brief moment in time that feels so natural, or unnatural, that’s when I leave it up to the viewer to decide what it all means.

James Gallagher