Christine M. Peterson

Light & Shadow, Presentation, Vision

Christine M. Peterson

My aesthetic and conceptual preferences are for absence, context, and periphery. I create negative space, image-less space, empty or indeterminate or open space. I attribute my tendencies toward these qualities to my specific pattern of de-centered perception and a memory characterized by gross information loss. Although connotatively negative, I find loss to be active. When something is removed, something else is always revealed.

My work with photography involves projecting found and collected slides using a carousel slide projector in an installation setting. I may remove the projector’s lens, manipulate the focus, or project onto unstable or reflective surfaces. By removing the projected image many steps from the content of the slides, the installations emphasize the relation between image and memory, fiction, and time; they center the peripheral while imagining what it means to recall, grasp, fade, and forget.


Christine Peterson, The whole of art history as I remember it, 2011.


Christine Peterson, Untitled Sights Layered, Reflected, 2011.


Christine Peterson, The events of the past few hours, 2011.


Christine Peterson, detail of The events of the past few hours, 2011.


Christine Peterson, A single memory in its entirety, 2011.


Christine Peterson, All my memories of my mother's childhood, 2011.