Caleb Cole

Light & Shadow, Portraiture

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Caleb Cole, other people's clothes, 2007 - Present

The images in Other People’s Clothes are a product of my exploration of private moments of expectation, a visual expression of my experiences stepping into the shoes of the types of people I see on a daily basis. Each photograph in the series is a constructed scene that begins with an outfit or piece of clothing (either bought, found, or borrowed), then a person that I imagine to fill those clothes, and finally a location where that person can play out a silent moment alone.

Caleb Cole, The Last Page, 2008


Caleb Cole, Refinement and Elegance, 2010


Caleb Cole
, Her Reflection, 2007


Caleb Cole 


Caleb Cole, The Hunter, 2010


Caleb Cole, Woman in the Backseat, 2007


Caleb Cole, Birthday Girl, 2008


Caleb Cole, The Silk Pajamas, 2007