Christophe Dillinger

Editing, Reproductive Processes, Text, Vision

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No Undo, Film about the experimental photography of Christophe Dillinger

Christophe Dillinger Interview at Fotofilia, January 2011

Square Magazine


I used to actually teach Photoshop. I decided one day to try and do whatever I taught "for real" so to speak. It takes me forever, but I find that getting my hands dirty with pigments, glue and ink is more enjoyable and, in a way, truer to the nature of photography.


Christophe Dillinger, acetate

I place pre-cut pieces of coloured acetates on negatives before scanning them.





Christophe Dillinger, analogue cut and paste

I physically cut negatives and glue them together with sticky tape.





Christophe Dillinger, typewriter

I place processed negatives through a second-hand typewriter and type on them using a black ribbon or corrective ribbon like Ty-pex.





Christophe Dillinger, swirls

I paint and mark strips of paper that I stick on 120 films in a lightproof bag. I then use the modified film as I would ordinary film, only I do the light metering with a 1 to 3 stops discrepancy, depending on the paper I use.