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“Contemporary Photography: Michael Borowski”, Euroart Magazine, Issue 14, Spring 2001


Michael Borowski, make/shift, 2011

Make/Shift is a series of architectural sculptures and photographs addressing displacement and the geography of home. These nomadic devices, assembled from salvaged furniture and construction materials, were built out of my desire to carry home with me as I move from place to place. Each of them addresses the precarious border between interior and exterior, between intimacy and estrangement. The objects have been installed in various locations outside of the gallery and documented. These accompanying photographs narrate their migrations and the longing for home.


Michael Borowski
, Window/Seat (documentation 01), inkjet print, 14"x20"


Michael Borowski
, Window/Seat (documentation 02), inkjet print, 14"x20"


Michael Borowski
, Bed/Lean (documentation 01), inkjet print, 20"x14"


Michael Borowski
, Bed/Lean (documentation 02), inkjet print, 20"x14"


Michael Borowski
, Wash/Closely (documentation 01), inkjet print, 14"x20"