Lauren Greenwald

Landscape, Vision

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I am interested in the phenomenon of movement and how it affects our perception of our environment. The images in this body of work are film stills taken directly from digital video, recorded while driving through New Mexico. Our perception of landscape is affected by how we move through it. With an increase of speed, we lose the ability to see clearly; our movement makes the landscape seem less defined.

As humans have come to rely on machines to accelerate movement, we in turn depend on technology to capture and reproduce the momentary experience. Our recall is supplemented and often dominated by the photographic record. The world captured by the camera appears vastly different from the one experienced and remembered. The intervention of technology and the distortions, failures, and digital artifacts in this reproduced world reinforce the dissonance between the human eye and the camera.

Lauren Greenwald, 14 South, Untitled #1, 2011


Lauren Greenwald, 60 West, Untitled #1, 2011


Lauren Greenwald, 14 North, Untitled #3, 2011


Lauren Greenwald, 68 North, Untitled #1, 2011


Lauren Greenwald, 68 North, Untitled #6, 2011