Nicholas Wright

Editing, Reproductive Processes

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Nicholas Wright, Information wars a3, collage on paper, 2010.


Nicholas Wright, The laminated book of dreams a3, collage on paper, 2010.


Nicholas Wright
, technomess, 60x40cm, pen and ink on paper.


Nicholas Wright, mindfill, mdf enamel, 60x70cm.


Nicholas Wright, The Garden of Modern Delights, installation view.


Nicholas Wright, t.v. ruined my imagination, installation view.

See Nicholas Wright creating his collages in his video Old Media in our Artists' Gallery.

Nicholas Wright: Upcoming Events

AFTER THE FALL, Refectory Gallery, November 1 - 7, 2010. Part of Sideshow, the fringe festival in association with the British Art Show 06 in Nottingham, UK.