Julie Cassels

Reproductive Processes

Julie Cassels’s website


Julie Cassels at Artists Access to Art Colleges


Travelling Light Exhibition at Wilson Williams Gallery



Julie Cassels, Untitled – Dance Dress recreated photographed object, Open Photography Exhibition, RWA Bristol, UK.


Julie Cassels, Untitled – Garden Dress sequence exhibited at PM Gallery, London, UK. Exhibition of artists using the photographic sequence including work by Eadweard Muybridge as historical reference. 


Julie Cassels, Sculpting in Space Series- Red Dress, work from Sculptural Threads proposal, AA2A residency at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.


Julie Cassels, Untitled – Purple Quilt recreated photographed object, produced during MA at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

See our Artists' Gallery for Julie Cassel's video about her photographic reconstruction of historic objects.