Chris Landau


Chris Landau’s website

Chris Landau, The Flocking Party, 2005

Screen shot of page 13 of Chris Landau’s web-based work, The Flocking Party, 2005, Flash and Photoshop.


Chris Landau, Canal Park

Chris Landau works at OLIN, a landscape design firm dedicated to sustainable places and urban vitality. Chris creates renderings and helps to develop designs in 3D. This is one of his renderings from Canal Park, a three block bus parking lot in Washington, D.C. that is being transformed in to a public park, cafe, stormwater management system, and winter ice rink.


Chris Landau, invisible city (nest)

In this series of drawings, called Invisible Cities, Chris Landau explores the potential futures of advanced civilizations. These urban constructs are inspired by everyday still-life's that Landau collects through photography and drawing.