University of New Mexico


Graduate Programs


The MFA is a terminal degree in studio art. Its primary emphasis is on the creative aspects of an individual’s work. The M.F.A. usually requires at least three years of intensive study and research beyond the bachelor's degree. Although the formal requirements for the M.F.A. degree are in some respects comparable to doctoral degrees in other fields, the scope and objectives of the M.F.A. degree are uniquely different. As such, the M.F.A. degree represents strong creative attainment in studio art, an assured grasp of an area of concentration, a sound knowledge of critical and historical artistic thought, and demonstrated expertise in conceiving and executing a significant body of creative work. Thus, as with the doctoral degree, its attainment is not simple matter of "meeting requirements."

The M.F.A. requires a concentration on the creative aspects of the studio work culminating in a dissertation, which entails planning, installing and documenting a solo exhibition of the student's own creative work, producing a catalog, and giving an oral public presentation.