School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)


MFA in Studio - Photography


SAIC's Department of Photography is constantly redefining the photographic medium, and faculty and students alike are engaged in a wide range of photographic and theoretical practices. The department's conceptual orientation is complemented by a simultaneous attention to traditional forms of image production that make SAIC's photography program uncommonly diverse. Within various conceptual structures, graduate students gain a strong critical, historical, and theoretical grounding for their work.

The faculty of the photography department are intimately engaged with the most current artistic, philosophical, and theoretical issues surrounding contemporary photographic practices. In this atmosphere a rich and challenging dialogue is fostered, and graduate tutorials are an intensification of this pedagogical approach.

Graduate studio and theory seminars in photography are taken by students from many areas of SAIC, and photography graduate students are encouraged to move between departments to expand and consider their image-making process. SAIC's Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Photography students have their own studios, and the department works to create both a social community and a highly charged environment for production.