Assaf Evron

Assaf Evron


artist statement:

In my photographic and photo based works I focus on the aesthetic logic of the overlooked. I am interested in everyday manifestations of the directly and indirectly spontaneous, as well as institutional organizing forces. Through the iconic and formal qualities of the works, I create an interdisciplinary dialogue between photography, painting and sculpture, on the basis of the language of modernist and minimalist art. I use the indexical qualities of photography in order to build an interplay between form and meaning and to bring the aesthetic and the political into one realm.  In recent work I photographed the metallic donor plates at the Art Institute of Chicago and photoshopped all the names out. By doing so, I transformed them into minimalist grids that bear the history of the material itself. In another work, a projection of a barcode reader laser beam creates a perspectival projection that also resembles a cult-like icon. Although it is photographed on a white paper, due to the limitations of the light sensitive medium, it floats in the dark.


what do you love about the MFA program at SAIC?

What I like about the SAIC photo MFA program is the intense one on one advising sessions with interdisciplinary faculty and the frequent group critiques that put me in a constant production reflection mode.

anticipated graduation date: May 2013