Hyounsang Yoo

Hyounsang Yoo



artist statement

My process exists within the framework of the New Aesthetic. Using digital technology and the Internet to generate new possibilities within, and to broaden the accessibility of, the photographic medium, I make images that blend the virtual and the physical. Engaged in the urban and social environment, I question how political and personal differences shape our worldview(s). My work highlights the troubling aspects of globalization in order to demonstrate that we are all unique. For my current project I used the 192 U.N. member states as axis points to spin the 3D Earth (as seen from an altitude of 1000,00 miles in Google Earth), yielding abstract visions that both democratize the globe by obliterating geographical and political specificity and highlight the individuality of each country by presenting it as the center of the Earth’s movement. The images emphasize how we perceive the world differently as a result of globalism and question the meaning of national identities.


what do you love about the MFA program at SAIC?

The BFA and MFA programs at SAIC have provided me with considerable resources, both in terms of knowledge and art practices. What I like the most about the MFA program is the diverse faculty that I can work with and the Parlor Room Lecture Series, organized by SAIC graduate students in photography, which invites artists, critics and curators to lecture and give studio visits. 

anticipated graduation date: 2014