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M.F.A. in the School of Art & Design

The M.F.A. in the School of Art & Design is a leader in curriculum innovation and in student support. In this non-discipline specific program, students exhibit, teach, perform, explore, present, research, and collaborate – activities to prepare them to be cultural leaders in our increasingly interconnected and interdisciplinary world. Students receive full tuition funding. Students conduct their creative work in spacious, fully equipped studios and are each provided software-loaded laptops and peripherals to support them in their creative production, research, and communications. This all takes place at an outstanding university and in a community offering a culturally rich environment.

The pioneering A&D+ M.F.A. curriculum integrates creative production with rigorous academic studies, international study with regional community engagement, and theoretical grounding with skills development. It is structured to expand the intellectual reach of creative work and utilize a comprehensive process for bringing creative work into the world.  The “plus” component of this unique program requires all graduate students to reach beyond the cultures of art and design to develop robust engagements with one or more fields of knowledge and inquiry at the University of Michigan.  Students are expected to carry out creative work informed by and interacting with the additional field of inquiry.