Juliet Hinely

Juliet Hinely



artist statement:

I am an interdisciplinary artist but photography remains a staple aspect of my creative practice as my conceptual and thematic interests revolve around tourism and the tourist experience. I use cameras as both props and tools in my art-making.

I sometimes use disposable cameras to create prints in the tourist vernacular. I have also created my own stereographic cameras by taping two disposables together. I love the spectacle aspect of cameras like these and referencing the elaborate set-ups photographic processes took in the past. By contrasting old traditions like stereo-cards with modern-day drug-store photo prints I aim to and create hybridized historical objects and images. My creative work also manifests in large-scale installations inspired by tourist attractions and historic spaces. Consistently in each of these installations I always include a “get yer picture taken!” platform for viewers to stand on and have their souvenir photo shot. Sometimes I stand with the work and photograph the visitors carnival-barker style, other times I just blend in with the crowd and observe people taking their own photos. I am fascinated with the accumulation of souvenir photos taken at tourist attractions and the way these photos capture individual stories as well as a larger phenomena. With my photos and installations I aim to explore personal experience in pubic space.


what do you love about the MFA program at the University of Michigan?

I love the MFA program at University of Michigan for its focus on both art in the gallery and art that operates out in the lived community. The program is also interdisciplinary, a format that supports my interests in multiple media and research in areas of study outside of the studio. The University of Michigan is truly a wealth of resources in faculty and facilities, to the point that I am able to approach projects and curiosities from the mindset of "anything is possible!"

anticipated graduation date: May 2014


Juliet HInely, View Master - The Natural Bridge.


Juliet HInely
, I Love Lex. A one-day 40-stop tour of personally historic places in my hometown.


Juliet HInely, Deltiology - Series One: St. Augustine, Florida.


Juliet HInely, Fredonia in 3D. Stereograph cards of scenes in Fredonia, New York.


Juliet HInely, Get Yer Picture Taken! at the Postcard Patternscape, St. Augustine, Florida.


Juliet HInely,  From Florida, With Love. Installation at the Postcard Patternscape, St. Augustine, Florida.


Juliet HInely
, detail of  From Florida, With Love. Installation at the Postcard Patternscape, St. Augustine, Florida.