Katie St. Clair

Katie St. Clair



artist statement:

I approach my work as a visual narrative, building a story of women in a natural but synthetic world. I take my own photographs and use them as collage material; fused by paint to blur the line between the two media. With the multi-layering and uses of color, I endeavor to retain depth while introducing plains of pattern and figures into the landscapes. The lack of boundaries between the characters and surroundings builds a fragmented, dream-like sensibility. Letting parts of a surface stay crude or chopped has a raw charm and depth so the work up close is harsh and disjointed, from a distance it is lush and alluring. I am fascinated with leaving bits of history from layers past, giving them a new space to exist. The process of my work synchronizes with a deep interest in nature. The natural world's levels of richness and decay have been fodder for my stories. Metaphorical and scientific promptings, along with a need to encourage sustainable living, are my goals. I am committed to the idea of honoring the experiences that have been given to us and realizing that through observing ebbs and flows in nature, we can overcome huge obstacles.


what do you love about the MFA program at the University of Michigan?

The University of Michigan gives me the ability to engage my work through academic classes as well as individual investigation in the studio. I am supported by engaging professors and fellow students who are interested in bringing variety of approaches to the process of art making. It has been my dream to be immersed in a community that values interdisciplinary work and bolsters students to reach their full potential. At the University of Michigan that need is fostered to create a sustainable artistic practice.

anticipated graduation date: May 2014


Katie St. Clair, Dendrochronology


Katie St. Clair, Ophilia


Katie St. Clair, Rampion


Katie St. Clair, Red Lily


Katie St. Clair, Response-ability


Katie St. Clair, Tuber