Daniel Coburn

Daniel Coburn



artist statement about Next of Kin:

Since childhood my parents have emphasized my role as the oldest son, and heir to the family dynasty. In Next of Kin I explore the concept of home by recording my perceptions of family members in parables of love, reverie, respect and quiet tragedy. After a yearlong hiatus from my hometown, I returned to reexamine my relationship with loved ones. I use the camera to describe the powerful personalities of my parents, and the complexities of their relationship. I photograph the children in my family to revisit my own childhood, which exists only as a set of fleeting, enigmatic images in my aging memory. By studying the hierarchy of control and power within the clan, I have begun to comprehend the success and failures of my own relationships outside the family unit. My artistic process has become cathartic as I use the camera to explore my own impressions and memories of these influential characters that continue to shape my existence.


what do you love about the MFA program at the University of New Mexico?

When I first visited the University of New Mexico as a prospective graduate student, I was impressed by the level of communication between faculty members and graduate students.  Each professor took time out of his or her schedule to meet with me and discuss the program in great detail.  This level of interaction has remained consistent during my current tenure at UNM.  The graduate studios are spacious and well lit. The digital printing facilities are current and well maintained. I feel honored to contribute to graduate photography program that has helped shape the future of a great legacy of art photographers.

anticipated graduation date: May 2013


Daniel Coburn, Dad in His Man Cave, from the series Next of Kin.


Daniel Coburn, Dad Preparing His Meat, from the series Next of Kin.


Daniel Coburn, Mom Cooling Off in the Pool, from the series Next of Kin.


Daniel Coburn, Mom Has the Final Say, from the series Next of Kin.


Daniel Coburn, Mom's Clutch, from the series Next of Kin.