Bree Lamb

Bree Lamb

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artist statement

In general, my work focuses on the ideas of individual and collective identity. I’m interested in what separates and connects us on a variety of levels, as well as what each of us values when expressing our own personal identity. Aesthetically speaking, I’m attracted to rich colors, interesting juxtapositions, visual patterns, and layering of imagery.

The first two images are part of an ongoing series Surroundings. I’m intrigued by the splashes of color and quality of light found in the Southwest. Each scene has a visual richness and even the simplest structures seem to have lives of their own. I try to capture some of these compelling scenes that are specific to this region of the United States.

The next series entitled, Archetype examines primal aesthetic attraction as it relates to our individual personalities. Our lives inherently rely on structure and organization and to that effect we each have our own distinct behavioral tendencies. I’m intrigued by the overwhelming presence and variety of such forms of consistency that are unique to each of us. To visually represent these concepts, I asked participants to provide a piece of fabric to use as a background and overlay for a portrait and I observed the different choices they made as reflections of their individual personalities. The macro, background and overlain imagery exhibit the variety of levels- conscious, subconscious, unconscious- on which we carry the effects of routine and pattern and habit.


what do you love about the MFA program at UNM?
For me, one of the outstanding aspects of UNM’s MFA program is the opportunity to focus on my work within a dynamic artistic community. In addition to receiving constructive feedback from instructors and peers on my projects, I find it really motivational to be surrounded by a wide variety of fine artists working hard and producing strong, cohesive bodies of work.

anticipated graduation date: Spring 2015