Anikke Myers

Anikke Myers



artist statement

As a photographer and multimedia artist I am interested in exploring the symbiotic relationship of perception and reality in human consciousness.  I utilize the process of art making as a means of questioning the derivatives of personal identity. I explore the physicality of such ephemeral experiences as memory, emotion, and sensation so as to better understand the way in which both social and private experiences coalesce.   I am interested in collections, both metaphorical and physical, as descriptors of experience and identity.  In Photographs of Silence I waver on the border of voyeur and participant in intimate moments of quiet, hoping to capture my subject at their most revealed.  These are the moments I find to be the most genuinely expressive of an individual’s emotional circumstance.


what do you love about the MFA program at UNM?

The opportunity to have this kind of feedback on my work is really once in a lifetime. I will never get the chance to risk so much and at the same time have so much support again.

anticipated graduation date: Spring 2015



Anikke Myers, Brothers



Anikke Myers, Jason



Anikke Myers
, Jessie Mae



Anikke Myers
, Richard and Bernadette



Anikke Myers, Ryan