Juan Giraldo

Juan giraldo

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artist statement The Chapters and Corners of My Life*:

The surface of any photograph provides truthful evidence of a moment in time, and at the same time the truth of fiction.  In other words, these photographs are born out of the intersection of the real and fantasy.  This body of work draws from my interpretations of my familial experiences growing up in Paterson, NJ as a first generation immigrant and laborer.  The images are also inspired by vernacular photography and the drama of the mundane.  In our everyday existence, the same physical space can be mundane and repetitive to some of us, yet difficult and exotic to others.  These places are never fixed or bound; instead they vacillate between Chicago and Paterson, they are the momentary result of practice and performance.  They extend beyond their physical boundaries of location and at the personal level is illustrated best in the space of everyday life.

*working title.


what do you love about Columbia College Chicago's MFA program?

I visited Columbia’s MFA open house in the fall of 2010, and fell in love.  When I started my MFA career at Columbia in the fall of 2012, that feeling I had in the fall of 2010 was still there, I knew early on that I had made the right decision.  There are so many things to love that it’s hard to start.  The stellar faculty and staff are beyond compare; they have been challenging, yet supportive in my endeavors while at Columbia.  The facilities are first rate regardless of the department.  No one area of the school lacks the necessary tools for students to achieve their goals.  The library and its staff are beyond compare especially when writing one’s thesis paper. Having the Museum of Contemporary Photography located with in the school is but another amazing thing to love about the program and school.  The museum houses an amazing permanent collection of both established artists as well as emerging ones.  Last but not least what’s not to love about this great city, it’s hard not to find inspiration here in Chicago.

anticipated graduation date: May 2015



Juan Giraldo, Dad Ramiro



Juan Giraldo, Leslie Pepe



Juan Giraldo, Leslie



Juan Giraldo, Lunch Break



Juan Giraldo, Mom Patty



Juan Giraldo, Vela Votive