Jasmine Clark

Jasmine Clark



artist statement:

Though these pieces seem disparate, the connection between them is influenced by my stance about the military. I stand between reverence and contempt. Reverence for my family and friends’ commitment to the military and contempt of the military’s lack of accountability and their disregard of human decency concerning equality.

These photographs visually depict this stance. The images are taken at two major military training facilities: Marine Corps Air Ground Center (MCAGCC) in Twentynine Palms, California and Great Lakes Naval Station (NAVSTA Great Lakes) in Great Lakes, Illinois. I am interested in focusing on the area around these places in order to examine the economic, cultural, social, and political implications that comes with this territory. There is a specific and stereotypical image of the military. This work challenges the expected by portraying both ends of the spectrum; from reverence to contempt. The aim is to honor the soldier and critique the construct.


what do you love about Columbia College Chicago's MFA program?

I chose Columbia College Chicago because of the faculty, location, and the work being produced. As I enter my second year, these factors are still relevant. I have a wonderful opportunity to work with Paul D’Amato and Kelli Connell. Chicago is a place I have always wanted to live and is drastically different from the deserts of California. The variety of work being produced is great to be around; ranging from traditional photography to installation art that utilizes the photographic medium.

anticipated graduation date: May 2016