Keith Yahrling

Keith Yahrling


artist statement

My current series investigates the historically rich area contained within the boundaries of America’s original thirteen colonies. The American Revolution was a time of great transformation that laid the foundation for our country’s principles and greatly informed future generations. The Revolution was not an end point or a final victory, but merely a beginning.  I strive to illustrate the ways in which the ideals and rights that were fought for during the American Revolution have been distilled, implemented and even rejected in the contemporary landscape. My journey represents both a desire to understand the roots of my country and my own personal heritage. Interestingly, both were influenced by the presence and notions of war in the early stages of development. Therefore, I see this project as being intensely personal because its development has originated from the curiosities of my war influenced upbringing.


what do you love about the MFA program at RISD?

My time at RISD has allowed me to focus completely on my photographic practice, the ideas surrounding my photography and it has enabled me to deeply investigate the origins of my work. The community of professors and students in the program both encourage and support this devotion. The program's rigorousness has led to advances in my work that I have never experienced before and the ideas that have been instilled in me during my time at RISD will last throughout my career.

anticipated graduation date: June 2013



Keith Yahrling, After Hurricane Sandy, Saint Katharine Place, Atlantic City, NJ, November 10, 2012.



Keith Yahrling, Battle of Brier Creek, Sylvania, GA, June 24, 2012.



Keith Yahrling, Bob & Theresa, Saratoga Springs, NY, October 17, 2012.



Keith Yahrling, Erica, Barrington, RI, May 5, 2012.



Keith Yahrling, Huntington Beach, James River, Newport News, VA, July 23, 2012.