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Justyna Ptak

artist statement:

I examined everyday private spaces and the way they interact with each other, creating a notion of days blending together. As an artist, I was removing the objects from their reality and giving them new existence. The existing reality is revealed through considered compositions, allowing the creation of a commonly understood language, which requires consideration of aesthetic and intellectual values of the visual information in front of my camera. As a photographer, I am choosing between given possibilities and opportunities, in order to illustrate the aesthetics of questioning everyday experience. Within this process, the camera is reduced to an almost insignificant tool, as the photographer becomes the subject, and vice versa. With the relationship reversed in this way, the line between the two has disappeared and the everyday can become a true representation of itself.

what do you love about the MA program at the University of Wolverhampton?

University of Wolverhampton’s MA Fine Art program has allowed me to think about photography within and in relation to other forms of art. It has been providing me with the opportunities to develop and advance my practice, as well as expand my theoretical knowledge, all within a creative and supporting environment. University’s learning resources have certainly exceeded my expectations (availability of online texts, hard copies, as well as professional equipment).

graduation date: May 2012

Justyna Ptak
, No19, from series Untitled. 60 x 60 cm, photography / digital print from colour negative.