Adam Hill

Adam Hill

artist statement:

Photography’s ability to illustrate appearances excites even the least narcissistic among us. Everyone wants to look his or her best in front of a camera. In this way, how we choose to present ourselves and how we wish to be identified becomes something that is completely surface.

In a time when photo-shopped images and completely unrealistic appearances have become the norm, I have decided to dive deep into the shallow waters of superficiality.  My images are unedited portraits, where I have pre-painted on perfection. The waxy sheen of a homogenized skin tone simultaneously conceals and reveals the dark truth; no one is perfect, and our obsession with the exterior may just be the surface level of our own superficiality.


what do you love about the MFA program at the University of South Florida?

The MFA program at USF is fantastic, the level of faculty involvement and their investment in students us unparalleled.  These working artists motivate and inspire students everyday encouraging and pushing them to create their best possible work. The ability to access, explore and work with a variety of interdisciplinary artists is a great opportunity in an evolving art world.

anticipated graduation date: Spring 2013