Presentation, Reproductive Processes, Vision

The Richard Balzer Collection

gregory barsamian

scott blake (flipbooks and thaumatropes)

bill brand (linear zoetrope - subway)

Paul Burns’s The History of the Discovery of Cinematography

Mat Collishaw (stroboscopes)

Early Visual Media

Website explaining and displaying intriguing and forgotten early vintage visual media and their history.

George Eastman House Pre-Cinema Tech Collection

Julia Featheringill’s website

Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr.’s Photographic Collections of Optical Recreations, Kenyon College

Collection includes images and descriptions of kaleidoscopes, moiré patterns, phantascopes, phenikistiscopes, praxinoscopes, stereoscopic effects, thaumatropes, and zoetropes.

Laura Hayes and John Howard Exhibit of Optical Toys, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Toshio Iwai at Animation World network

Jonathan Jones, "Magic In Motion: the Victorian Toys Spinning Back to Life as GIFs," The Guardian, November 4, 2015

jim le fevre

The Magic Lantern Society, UK

Museo del Precinema, Collection Minici Zotti

Cinematography Collection at the National Media Museum, UK

Sarabande Press

Centennial Salute to Cinema Exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

Stereographs search at the Smithsonian Institution Image Collection

150 years of Stereoscopy