Morgan Barrie

Morgan Barrie


artist statement

My current body of work deals with relationships between humans, other animals, and the natural world. All images are digitally collaged together, and then put in an oval frame to create a contained world in which I examine these relationships. 

Through working digitally, I’m able to create work that owes as much to narrative painting as to photography. Both the figures and their environments are meant to be read symbolically, as microcosms or allegories representing our very complicated relationship with the rest of the natural world. 


what do you love about the MFA program at EMU?

At EMU, I’ve found a great mixture of support and freedom. I’ve been able to take courses across the university, but the majority of my time is spent making work. I’ve been given several great teaching opportunities, but was never required to teach. Perhaps most importantly, the faculty here has been amazing to work with. They’ve pushed me to do justice to my own ideas, and have helped me grow both as an artist and a thinker. 

anticipated graduation date: April 2013



Morgan Barrie, Grassland Study



Morgan Barrie, Lucie and the Bobcat



Morgan Barrie, Lure



Morgan Barrie, Strength



Morgan Barrie
, Swamp