Erica Molesworth

erica molesworth


artist statement:

My photograph and video installations explore human relationships with landscapes, often mediated through both contemporary and anachronistic technologies and practices. While new image, communication and location technologies proliferate, physical practices and objects also persist, and attempts to demarcate the natural from the constructed are also problematic. My work looks at these intersections -- between human and landscape, technology and object, image and reality, old and new – and examines the ways in which they overlap and coexist.


what do you love about CCA’s MFA in Studio Practice program?

CCA’s MFA program allows you to work with any teacher or outside advisor from any discipline and take classes from a variety of programs (including architecture, design, and others). This means that you can tailor your program to your specific interests, learn more, and gain wide-ranging and rigorous feedback on your work. There are some amazing faculty members and the larger size of the MFA class means that you have a broader range of perspectives and pool of collaborators among the student body as well.

anticipated graduation date:  May 2015