Dave Kennedy

Dave Kennedy




artist statement

My interests are centered around the narrative. Re-contextualizing occurrences into allegories and personifications, I use an alchemist approach, transforming dreams, intimate conversations, objects and things into the affecting. Within each narrative, I’m interested in using iconography to create a representation that stands somewhere between reality and illusion. 

Interested in themes of passion, self-doubt, inner struggle, and introspection I create art that depicts transmogrifications concurrently developing visions with glimpses into multicultural worlds of religion, politics, health and family. Ultimately working toward creating something that draws the viewer in through a mixture of beauty, reverence, disregard, ugliness, and tension. 


what do you love about the MFA program at the University of Washington?
The MFA program at the University of Washington provides for an environment that emphasizes collaboration between a diversity of backgrounds found among the graduate students, this makes for an exciting and interesting learning environment. The instructors encourage exploration and emphasize its importance on the overall growth of each student as they progress through the program.

anticipated graduation date: June 2013



Dave Kennedy, Phenomenology of DK, (screen shot from video)

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Dave Kennedy, Orthodox, (screen shot from video)

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Dave Kennedy, The Perfect Human, (screen shot from video)

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Dave Kennedy, Mimic, (screen shot from video)

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