Daniel Cherrin

Daniel Cherrin



artist statement

The possibility that art may serve justice and humanism appeals deeply to me and motivates my work.  As a filmmaker and photographer I am committed to exploring and expanding human rights for all people. I have documented a range of human and political struggles with people from a number of different communities.

Using animal death and sacrifice as a metaphor for the human condition is a theme that is seen throughout my work.   As an artist I am interested in how people are so involved with death.  I want to explore how society deals with the continuation of life and the existence of death within life. I explore the border between life and death, for me the concept lies within this juxtaposition.

The Bird as a subject is also meaningful, and a symbol that runs through my work. The wings and feathers make us think of freedom and flying and angles.  Furthermore, the symbol is connected to the nation; every state chooses a bird for representation.  Yet the Bird is near the bottom of our food chain, and biblically represents the poor mans Sacrifice.  


what do you love about the MFA program at Parsons The New School for Design?

The Photography MFA at Parsons The New School for Design is a great opportunity.  It connects students to an established art community here in New York City, while also providing unique opportunities abroad.  Also, being connected to the New School, with its focus on social research, provides me with an access to resources to develop my documentary projects. I am happy to be a part of the Parsons community.

anticipated graduation date: Summer 2014