Dakota Gearhart

Dakota Gearhart



artist statement

I look intensely at natural environments, creatures, and phenomenon and instill them with human thought. Otherworldly, ephemeral, and playful scenes become stories of vulnerability. My intent is to hint at graceful, yet perverse discoveries that arise from observing the overlooked in emotionally revealing ways. Obsessive beholding becomes part of the work and reinforces the solitude one might feel when admiring things from a distance, especially things that are difficult to comprehend, unknown, and elusive.


what do you love about the MFA program at the University of Washington?

The atmosphere of the School of Art is tight-knit and supportive. I have grown as a person and artist here through critiques, conversation, and studio time with the Photomedia faculty. They have cultivated my strengths and weakness in productive ways and given me an education beyond the realm of academia.


anticipated graduation date: May 2013