Chris Mullins

Chris Mullins

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artist statement for In-Framing

In this work I am attempting to communicate with the growing resource of images on the internet. Through the act of collecting and arranging I'm trying to create new texts for the viewer. Texts are intended to be both humorous and thought provoking. These works are paintings that remain in the state of their source material. As such I see them existing in their most honest form. Search engines are used as a mechanical extension of my own semiotic processes, and impose limitations as much as they serve as collaborator.  


what do you love about the MFA program at the University of Cincinnati?

Working at UC and with Jordan Tate specifically has been an incredible experience and catalyst for my growth as an image maker. I have shifting from painting to a more conceptual and interdisciplinary practice. This shift was sparked by the programs emphasis on experimentation and the variety of work being made. Having the chance to assist in teaching undergraduate theory classes has also had a profound effect on my work. 

anticipated graduation date: april 2013