Bridget Burke

Bridget Burke


artist statement

My work documents people and relationships, and often those relationships are simply with places or things. I don’t shoot straight portraiture but I do shoot straight photography, with little manipulation. I think this method best speaks to my subject- the mundane and everyday aspects of life. I am in search of the quiet moments, endlessly documenting the details of physical and emotional intimacy.


what do you love about the MFA program at EMU?

EMU’s MFA program is unique to me because while I feel I have a great home with the other MFA photography candidates, we are also working in classes and critiques with the candidates in the other disciplines (drawing, painting, printmaking, metals, sculpture, and ceramics). That community of artists is invaluable, especially in a conceptual program like ours. I am lucky to work with Jason DeMarte as my graduate advisor. As a working artist that continually exhibits internationally, his professional knowledge alone has changed our photography program.

anticipated graduation date: december 2013