Berk Cakmakci

Berk Cakmakci


artist statement

"That Feels Right" is a series of photographs which acts as a documentation of my trials to build self-standing structures with cardboard boxes that I collect on the streets. I am building structures that I know will collapse. The camera allows me to capture ephemeral sculptural forms in the midst of motion. At the same time allowing me to investigate the moment before/after, and the catastrophe caused by the most basic law of physics. I am interested in using chance procedures. I arrange the boxes on the spot, without any prior decision regarding their placement or order, and wait for the wind to collapse them. With this body of work I am interested in creating a feedback loop of sorts; making the work relate to its own process of making. 


what do you love about the MFA program at Parsons The New School for Design?

Parsons encouraged me to engage in photography in new ways. Discussions with the professors and other students are always inspiring . Also, being an international student in Parsons is a great experience. What I love the most about Parsons is that it enables me to explore the medium of photography without any conventions. 

anticipated graduation date: August 2014