Andrew Frost

Andrew Frost


artist statement about Caledonia:

Since the late 1700s, my family has lived in Caledonia County in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. In the late 70′s, my dad left and joined the Navy. Growing up we moved constantly, but we never went back to Vermont. I always imagined this magical place, something like a “Never-Never Land”—a place with mountains and rivers and lakes, and a land of tree houses and caves— the kind of place where kids were free to ride their bikes to the village store.

In 2010, I visited for the first time and began photographing the world I had so often imagined but never experienced.


what do you love about the MFA program at Syracuse University?

The department of Transmedia at Syracuse University creates a dynamic community of practitioners and students working in closely relevant mediums while enabling those same students to engage in the broader academic environment of the University.

anticipated graduation date: May 2013


Andrew Frost, Jeremy, 2011


Andrew Frost,
Bible Baptist Church, 2011


Andrew Frost, Ben and David, 2010


Andrew Frost, Kathy’s Greenhouse, 2011


Andrew Frost, Kitchen Table, 2010