Alums - Yale University

Katie Koti

artist statement:

Chosen Blood brings to light familial aspects of the human experience and the intricate ties formed with others; the bonds between blood and chosen blood. This project explores the intimacy and truths of the body and spirit; innate and extrinsic attractions and behaviors. The closeness of this family is rare. My photographs strive to celebrate this closeness, their wildness, their innocence, their energy, their vulnerability.

what do you love about the MFA program at Yale University?

The Yale Photography program has changed and enriched my life in countless ways over the past year and a half. The faculty and visiting artists at Yale have pushed me in directions that have excelerated my growth as a person and art maker. This is not a program which spells out the answers for you, but rather questions your choices to build an awareness that we can carry with us in our future decision making.

graduation date: 2012

Katie Koti, The Origin, from the series Chosen Blood.