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Stephen Sewell

artist statement:

I have a hard time imagining perfection. In fact, it just plain scares me. Perfection, for me, implies a finality. The fact that I can not give a concrete example of perfection further complicates matters. Since it would appear as though I am unable to come up with an example of perfection it begs the question: would I even recognize it if I saw it? However, I can give examples of imperfection, and perhaps in comparison those examples tell me more about perfection than what is typically considered "perfect".

The works I have made are explorations of productivity, beauty, and success in terms of unproductivity, mediocrity, and failure. Through opposition the work questions the validity of the former terms and considers their role in formulating assumptions and expectations. What is left is works that consider ideals in terms of fragments and measures success in terms of situational framing.

what do you love about the MFA program at the University of Washington?

The University of Washington is a truly interdisciplinary program that actively encourages experimentation. The small size of the graduate program (comprised of photography, sculpture, and painting) creates a diverse peer group that is engaged in each others practice. In addition to the critical feedback from faculty and peers you also have the chance to do research outside of the School of Art.

graduation date: June 2012.

Stephen Sewell
, A collaboration I did (not) do. John Baldessari. 2011. Ink, Graphite on Paper.