Adam Williams

Adam Williams


artist statement about IN TRYING TIMES DON’T QUIT TRYING:

These images re-contextualize the most basic utilitarian information: our immediate survival needs. By removing the information from the pages of manuals and websites which are all too often dismissed as unnecessary at best, and sensationalist at worst and re-presenting it in the context of a visual narrative, the information is transformed from being purely didactic to being the sort of engaging story that encourages an investment of time. The images do not follow a linear narrative, but should be viewed as assorted tableaus from within the story of the survivor.


what do you love about the MFA program at Florida State University?

The MFA program at FSU is completely interdisciplinary and students are pushed to explore whatever media best serves their specific conceptual and visual language. All of the faculty members are actively exhibiting artists and their varied disciplines bring a wide spectrum of perspectives to reviews and critiques.

anticipated graduation date:  May 2014